How to find & download Audio Books your Ears will love you for!

Finding the audio book you want can painfully hard at times. But in most cases it need not be. You just need to know where and how to look for them. In this article you’ll learn how to find specific title audio books, audio books from your favorite authors or ranges of audio books on your top genres no matter how obscure or niche it may be. You” also learn where to look if you simply can’t find it in any of the “normal” places

Discovering a specific audiobook title or audio books on a particular subject or from a certain author is a perfect example of an areas which the Internet has made so much easier and quicker.

Even very obscure and specialist subject audio books can be located with relative ease – If you know how top go about it…Interviews with ex slaves from the post US Civil War south…Yes, they are there and you can get them if you want to listen in. By comparison crime fiction and self improvement audio is a breeze!

20 years ago if you were searching for a particular book you would have had to visit the Library or big bookstore and spend hours searching through a huge collection of books, files and catalogues – with no guarantee of finding what you wanted, even with the assistance of the librarian or assistant. And if it wasn’t in stock then hard luck you’d just have to wait.

BUT THOSE DAYS ARE GONE! Now you can simply use the Internet to find whatever information you want.

If you are looking for a particular audio book, you can just visit any of the major search engines like Google and type the book title you are looking for with the word “audio book” included. This will immediately steer you in the right direction.

Alternatively, you can get the particular audio book you are looking for by going directly to bookstore websites. Some of the best bookstores on the Internet include: Amazon, Audible, Barnes & Noble and franchisee’s of audio books to download specialist SpokenNetwork.

These online audio book stores have special facilities on their sites which will enable you to find the specific title you are searching for.

The procss is very much like using favorite search engine. However it is more focused and way faster, as it is searching only the database of the particular bookstore rather than the wider and less focused search across the entire database of websites.

To try it just visit any of these online audiobook stores and enter the title and/or author name you are looking for. If the site is one that does normal books and CDs etc. Also, if they sell products other than audio books be sure to include the term “audio book” in your search query.

If you exhaust these options and are unable to find that audio book that you are looking for, visit one of the many book forums on the Internet and ask for the advice of other book enthusiasts.

Or try communities like Squidoo, Hugpages and LiveJournal where enthusiasts for just about anything you can bimagine hang out and share..well anything! You’ll be astonished that there are many people out there who know a lot and are willing to share.

Going deeper than this there are also huge numbers of specialist websites with audio books, samples, interviews, spoken word and poetry on a simply giant range of subjects.

The example I gave at the start of interviews with slaves does exist. Others include amateur recordings of popular works, out of copyright audio books and political transcripts by the million. There are thousands of these sources and I have listed many on my site.

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